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June 6, 2018 3:41 am
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There are a lot of things that influence the price of any stock. Traders and investors choose many ways to get a decision
to buy or sell. So most of day traders and swing traders believe in technical analysis. So their decisions is based on that.
In addition to news that come to change the price in one or few days. On the contrary, investors look at the company fundamentals
like balance sheet, earnings, P/E , loan ratio,dividend, competition and other criteria. Also the price of a stock can be
influenced by the Media in general like Gurus, analysts, websites, forums and other online things.
If the price of a company is going down has also some other reasons like mutual funds and big buyers are selling off. Other reason is
hedge fund selling short for long time. Most of the time hedge fund managers knew something bad about the company. So they take
long selling short positions. Day traders also sell short and swing traders.
So these reasons and other reasons make people decide to go long and short.
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