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March 25, 2018 3:10 pm
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Sign up here https://tim.ly/2pFEbZD to trade live with me ALL DAY on Tuesday and read https://tim.ly/sykesdangers to see the dangers of holding long overnight right now…also read https://tim.ly/2IQ1rN9 to see scary comparisons to the crash of 1987…be safe this week, please!

0:10 The stock markets are looking very shaky this week. Even though the markets are dropping I’m still up overall. You don’t have to lose. I’ll be penny stock trading live on Tuesday, make sure you register for my webinar.

3:00 What I’m worried about is more than a 1% drop. On Friday the stock market was down roughly 2%. That kind of dropping opens the door to something worse like Black Monday.

5:20 In his latest tweet he warns it was Black Friday before it was Black Monday. You guys really have to step back and protect yourself. Monday is not a day to be a hero.

7:00 It’s useful to prepare for all situations in the stock market. The NASDAQ is in a different spot and seems to be in better shape. The DOW is in worse shape. Monday is going to be an important day.

9:10 Mentally I’m prepared, position wise I’m prepared for Black Monday. There are some penny stocks that are surging.

10:00 I’ll deliver a watch list later tonight. I just want you to be ready for potential Black Monday. Be ready to protect yourself if a stock market panic is coming.


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