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November 15, 2018 5:12 am
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When you look at the chart you will see a lot of corrections, but you don’t understand the difference between one that is too big and others that are small ones.
If you look from the beginning of February 2018, you will see a big correction that lasts
till 9th of February 2018. This is a big one that usually happens after a big bull in the market.
If you see before February 2018, you will find the whole 2017 and part of 2016 into a great bull
market where most of the stocks gain a lot of percentage.
Now after February and in the future, you can see smaller corrections every week or two. These small corrections happen so often after few days or going up. A lot of swing traders
sell their shares getting scared that the market will go down and they lose their profits. So you should know now that corrections are natural and part of the stock market, but the only difference is when they occur in terms of time. Big correction happens after one or more years of green bull market while small corrections happen every week or two.
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