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June 4, 2018 4:49 am
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I consider these 8 criteria as very important if I want to choose and invest a company stock.
1. Profits increase: I want to see an increase in this company yearly. That means if a company made 1 billion dollar last year.
I should see an increase let say 1.2 billion dollar. In does not matter how much the increase in profits, but it matters to see it.
2. Dividend increase: If a company gives a $0.50 cents this year, I would like to see an increase next year. This a good sign
that the company is making profits.
3. Be ahead competition: A company that is good in competition means the company is ahead in technology and services. If the company
can not compete in the same industry, probably this company will disappear in few years and go bankrupt.
4. Capitalization: You can choose any kind of capitalization. You can either invest in blue chips 30 stocks ( The Dow Jones) or the 500
stocks in S&P500 or the Russell 2000 stocks.
5. Price appreciation through years: I want to see my company growing in terms of price. Let say my company stock last year is $27.23
next year i want to see $35 less or more. The main idea is that the price appreciates by time.
6. Stability through time: I want to choose a company that is stable which is means there is growth each year. I dont want to see a growth
one year then a collapse in the second year. This company is not stable.
7. International growth: I would like to see a company that can go overseas and bring more business. A lot of companies have done this and
succeed. Those companies become international brands that all know.
8. People best review: Before you invest you should know what the people say about the company. People views are very important nowadays
because it influence people. Now by using internet we can shop and find the best prices and the best reviews of any business.
The companies with best reviews get more business and more customers and more money.
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