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May 17, 2018 4:42 am
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The chief executive officer of Bumble Bee Foods LLC was indicted by a federal grand jury in San Francisco today on a charge on conspiring to fix the prices of tuna and other packaged seafood.

Christopher Lischewski was accused of participating in the conspiracy from November 2010 until December 2013.

Last year the company itself pleaded guilty in federal court in San Francisco to one count of conspiring to fix prices and was sentenced to pay a $25 million fine.

Lischewski is the fourth executive of San Diego-based Bumble Bee to be charged in the conspiracy. The other three pleaded guilty to the charge last year.

Lischewski’s lawyer, John Keker, said in a statement, “Chris Lischewski is a decent and honorable man, who has lived a hardworking and ethical life. He has been a leader and beacon within the seafood industry for more than 25 years. And most significantly on this dark day, he is innocent of any wrongdoing.”

Keker said, “We are disappointed by the Department of Justice’s decision to charge him with criminal conduct. When the facts are known and the truth emerges, Mr. Lischewski will be found not guilty.”

Assistant U.S. Attorney General Makan Delrahim, who heads the department’s Antitrust Division, said in a statement, “The Antitrust Division is committed to prosecuting senior executives who unjustly profit at the expense of their customers.

“American consumers deserve free enterprise, not fixed prices, so the department will not tolerate crimes like the one charged in today’s indictment,” Delrahim said.


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