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February 10, 2018 4:07 am
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https://djellala.net The Dow gained $330.44 or 1.38%. But the main thing it crossed the support line. And this is a new
low, but since the Dow has a green candlestick the suspense stays the same. So we should wait next week and see. If the Dow
has a red candlestick and crosses the support line, the correction continues to be a crash in the future. If the Dow
continues to go up and crosses the resistance line, the big trend of the Dow will continue for the whole year 2018.

For me personally, I have shorted the whole market from last week, but I am looking attentively whats going on. But if the Dow
changes direction to going long and I will find stocks to buy long.

For me I have began shorting the whole indexs and sectors last week.
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